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Cherished Memories Photography provides each school it works with countless hours of support and materials. Whether your school is a high school or elementary school, Cherished Memories has been behind the scenes with your school's administration working to make sure your kids have what they need ie: School ID Cards provided free of charge Photos for school identification systems Internships Hundreds of hours of event and sports coverage for the yearbook Awards and certificates Scholarship and sponsorships of activities and school programs Photography classes and mentorships Equipment We provide these items and services completely free to each school. We are in no way paid for these items. In return for our services and time, we are given the opportunity to be the exclusive photographer for your school, thus allowing us to sell our photos. Many of you have had students in different schools that we have serviced and inquired why pricing changes based on the location. The easy answer is, each school market, elementary and high school, is vastly different and requires completely different levels of support, all the while affecting the final price of our photos in each of those markets. Due to the exclusivity of the contract, all students wishing to be in the yearbook must be photogrpaphed by Cherished Memories Photography. We always offer a satisfaction guarantee! If you do not like your photos, simply return them for a 100% refund. We stand behind our work and our service!

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