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This website was developed by friends of the family in Toronto, Canada. In response to a tremendous outpouring of love and concern for Chani, the following was created (please see attached links): A list of tehillim (Psalms) to be recited daily A list of tanach sections (Bible) to be learned in Chani's zechut (merit) A list of times for Shemerat Halashon (be careful in ones speech) A list of mitzvot (good deeds) for Chani's zechut (merit) People were asked that in addition to keeping Chani in mind, to please also have in mind the soldiers and civilians who have been injured by terrorists, or any person who may need a refuah sheleimah (immediate and complete recovery). At the very least, we hope that our tefillot (prayers) and maasim tovim (good deeds) will give meaning to this difficult situation, and potentially help others in need as well. It is our hope that the knowledge of our combined efforts and tefilot (prayers) will give Daniel and Halana and their family chizuk (strength) during these trying times.

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