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The Catholic Men's Ministry of Long Island is a group of Catholic men, from all vocations and walks of life, that have come together to make a difference in the in the minds and hearts of the people of Long Island... and that difference, we believe, begins with faith-filled men. Founded within the Catholic Church of the Diocese of Rockville Centre our mission is to evangelize, encourage and strengthen Catholic men to live their call to be powerful sons of God and to lead their families and others closer to the Lord. Whether in the home, workplace or society, each man is called to respond to the authentic image of masculinity found in Christ Jesus and examples such as St. Joseph, patron of husbands and fathers, and St. Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles. The Catholic Men's Conference will gather men in prayer and fellowship to be inspired to go out into the world to fight for the dignity of every human being and to protect those entrusted to their care. We will start with Christ and end with Christ. Everything we do is for His Glory. We will work hard to create bonds between men that will allow them to grow in their Catholic Christian faith and stand together during times of adversity. We will not compromise on the true message of Jesus and His Church. We understand that there is a spiritual battle taking place, and we are willing to engage in this battle for our families, our faith and our country. Finally, we are proud to be Catholic and think it our duty to share this wonderful gift with other men. Our Coat of Arms provides a unique visual representation of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish: The Sword represents one of our patron saints, St. Michael, and the need to engage in the spiritual battle, as well as fight for justice. Since the inaugural conference will be held in the year of St. Paul, as called for by Pope Benedict XVI, we remember in a special way the apostle, St. Paul, in who is regularly depicted carrying a sword. The Mallet represents our second patron saint, St. Joseph, and the importance of fatherhood, perseverance, the sanctity of work and quiet confidence in the Lord. The Shield represents the necessity of defending our family, the teachings of the Church, and our country. The flame represents the power of the Holy Spirit, as alive within us today as in the apostles at Pentecost through the indelible mark of Baptism and the seal of Confirmation. The shell is a tribute to the coat of arms of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. These shells pay particular honor to the heritage of the thirteen tribes of Algonquin Indians that originally inhabited the area that is now Long Island and who employed the shells of the region in many ways. The Cross represents the importance of sacrifice, the necessity of penance and the reminder that our hope, resurrection and eternal life is found only through the Cross. Finally, the Latin phrase "Viri Ministerium Catholici" translates to read "Catholic Men's Ministry".

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