Camp Shomria


$2.4 Million






At Camp Shomria we have created a community atmosphere where everyone plays an important role. Modeling ourselves after the Israeli Kibbutz, we stress cooperative and democratic living. Everyone shares the responsibility of the day to day running of the camp. Our collective activities foster a nurturing and compassionate environment. The most important social unit at Camp Shomria is the Kvutza (age group). Each kvutza lives, learns and grows together. Kupa, or the communal fund, is an example of the group relationship. Each summer the kvutza pools its spending money and decides in a democratic manner how it will be spent. In the kvutza, campers learn about sharing, mutual responsibility, respect and cooperation. Finally, Camp Shomria is a home away from home. We pride ourselves on the family atmosphere that is unique to Camp Shomria.

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