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The CALQ establishes the amount in light of the funds available, budgets submitted and eligible expenses. The maximum amounts offered under this section may not be increased, even in the case of a group project. The entire amount of the grant will be paid within one month of the announcement. In accordance with tax legislation, an artist is bound to declare the amount of the grant he receives. The CALQ issues a tax slip to each grant recipient and to each member of an artists' group and submits the list of grant recipients to the ministère du Revenu. By cashing a grant cheque, the artist undertakes to carry out the project planned and to comply with the conditions governing the payment of the grant. When an artist is unable to carry out part or all of the activity covered by the application, or a major change is made to the project or work schedule, he must promptly contact the CALQ to make the appropriate arrangements. Should the artist fail to comply with this condition, the CALQ may demand repayment of the grant. Moreover, should the artist die or be disabled prior to the completion of the anticipated activity, the CALQ may demand the repayment of the grant prorated according to the state of advancement of the activity. The grant recipient or the coordinator in the case of an artists' group undertakes to submit a detailed report on the use of the grant or the results of the research and a summary of expenses incurred, using the Report on the use of the grant form provided by the CALQ. This report must be submitted not more than three months after the project's completion and must be approved by the CALQ. When the project results in public activities such as performances or exhibitions, or in publications, the CALQ's logo or mention of its contribution must appear in information, promotional or advertising documents in order to inform the public of the use of cultural funding. Artists obtaining a grant must comply with standards governing the use of the CALQ's logo , as described in a document available from the CALQ or on its Web site. Failure to comply with any of the foregoing conditions may jeopardize an artist's eligibility to submit a subsequent application.

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