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CAD Nepal is specialized in capturing and processing of various types of data into digitized format from various input sources, such as e-mails, fax, Web forms, scanned images and hardcopy documents. We execute advanced testing and verification procedures to validate and ensure that customers get 99.9% accurate data of the best quality at all times. Our services focus on the following service lines: Airlines Hospitals Hotels Marketing Companies Advertisement AgenciesTravel agencies Verification, Tracking, Collection & RecordingCustomer ServicesBanking and Finance Web research & analytics Information serves as the basis for beliefs and understanding of our world. Today's any decision need to be based on research, any business move without research can lead to disastrous consequences. In our age of information technology, it is estimated that 93% of professionals with Internet access use the web to research products and services. However, gaining access to authentic and accurate data is still a formidable task for most executives. With over 10 years of experience in Research & Development CAD Nepal delivers the perfect solution to any IT related problem. Main online research services that we provide this in area are: Product/Company research Marketing Analysis Public relation Data Mining Advertisement Survey Data Conversion Outsourcing CAD Nepal can convert and organize your content to create electronic documents, populate your databases, publish them to the web, and get it ready for tomorrow's technology. Our services help you refine your document conversion strategy, identify document redundancy, extract metadata, and transform legacy and future documents for your real needs of today and the future. Our data conversion services include: Any type Hard Copy to Soft copy HTML to XML Text to HTML Word, Excel, PDF conversion E- Books and E- Journal Image to text (OCR) Database to XML Language Translation Audio & Video Transcription We Provide Audio/Video Transcription services to in the following areas: Media Legal Business Deposition Technical Interview Market research Focus group Group discussion Research interview Lecture Dissertation Conference call Seminar Audio transcription or speech to text conversion includes conferences, interviews, focus groups, seminars, meetings, lectures, legal depositions, radio broadcasts, TV talk shows etc. transcribed from voice or video files to text format. We provide high-quality video and audio transcription services for different types of audio & visual formats. Just contact us for a test run of your tape and we will do the sample free of cost.

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