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Hospitals & Physicians Clinics · Massachusetts, United States · 6,841 Employees

Boston Medical Center (BMC) is a 514-bed academic medical center located in Boston's historic South End, providing medical care for infants, children, teens andadults.Read More


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1 Boston Medical Center Place, Boston, Massachusetts, 02118, United States
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(617) 638-8000




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SIC Code 80,806
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Employee Growth Rate
Funding DateApr 24, 2019
InvestorsNational Institute on Drug Abuse
Funding DateDec 15, 2014
InvestorsNational Institutes of Health
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Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Jul 15, 2021

Dr James Becker, MD

Jul 15, 2021

COMET - Community Outreach Medical Education Training

Oct 27, 2018

Boston University Cosmetic & Laser Center

Serena H Chao, MD

Boston Medical Center Hospital

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Laudio Expands Leadership Operations Platform at UNC Health and Renews with Boston Medical Center; Launches with Deaconess Health System and Kaleida Health

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- #frontlineleaders--Laudio expands leadership operations platform at UNC Health, renews with Boston Medical Center and launches with Deaconess and Kaleida

Boston Medical Center selects Sectra Enterprise Imaging for radiology, breast imaging and orthopaedics

Linköping, Sweden and Shelton, CT – November 9, 2022 – International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra ( (STO: SECT B) has signed a contract with Boston Medical Center (BMC) for enterprise imaging as a subscription (Sectra One). The solution has the capability of supporting all current and future imaging needs through a common platform with advanced diagnostic and clinical tools, integrated with Epic. The contract, signed in September 2022, includes modules

Rimidi and Boston Medical Center Release Metrics from Ongoing Remote Monitoring Program for Postpartum Hypertension

Program outcomes reveal the benefits of EHR-integrated Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring for Postpartum Hypertension. (PRWeb August 30, 2022) Read the full story at

Boston Medical Center Appoints Justin Williams as Vice President and Chief Development Officer ...

Justin Williams has been named Vice President and Chief Development Officer for Boston Medical Center (BMC), overseeing philanthropy at New England’s largest safety net hospital.

Study: Persistent socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic segregation in US safety-net hospitals

(Boston Medical Center) Results of a new study led by researchers at Boston Medical Center (BMC) show, however, that this expansion did not lead patients receiving care at safety-net hospitals to transfer their care to non-safety-net hospitals.
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