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Who is Boom Home Offer

Boom Home Offer was founded for two simple reasons: first, selling a home in the United States has become unimaginably messy and inconvenient. Many people in insecure situations often times don't even consider selling their home because of the headache it brings to mind. Dodgy agents, 30-page unintelligible contracts, extended time frames - most folks know the drill. We set out with the mission to flip that industry paradigm completely on its head. The second reason we created this company is to provide assistance for those struggling to stay financially afloat. Each day, more and more Americans are falling behind on credit card debt, medical bills, student loans, and more. Even more are impacted by unexpected expenses of roof damage, water damage, fire, and mounting general upkeep costs. Leveraging the value of a home is one of the most powerful financial instruments to tackle these obstacles and get a second chance. Boom Home Offer has worked with clients ranging from wide backgrounds and for numerous reasons. No matter your reason for selling, we'll help you get the fastest, fairest deal on the market.Read More



20501 Ventura Blvd, Ste 375, Woodland Hills, California, 91364, United States
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Phone Number:

(310) 658-2836


<$5 Million
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SIC Code 67,679
NAICS Code 523,5239
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Boom Home Offer

Where are Boom Home Offer’s headquarters?

Boom Home Offer’s headquarters are in 20501 Ventura Blvd, Ste 375, Woodland Hills, California, 91364, United States

What is Boom Home Offer’s phone number?

Boom Home Offer’s phone number is (310) 658-2836

What is Boom Home Offer’s official website?

Boom Home Offer’s official website is

What is Boom Home Offer’s Revenue?

Boom Home Offer’s revenue is <$5 Million

What is Boom Home Offer’s SIC code?

Boom Home Offer’s SIC: 67,679

What is Boom Home Offer’s NAICS code?

Boom Home Offer’s NAICS: 523,5239

How many employees are working in Boom Home Offer?

Boom Home Offer has <25 employees

What is Boom Home Offer’s industry?

Boom Home Offer is in the industry of: Finance, Venture Capital & Private Equity

What is Boom Home Offer's tech stack?

The technologies that are used by Boom Home Offer are: Facebook Workplace, PHP, reCAPTCHA, YouTube

Who is Boom Home Offer's CEO?

Boom Home Offer's CEO is Aleks Grigoriev

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