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Blood:Water Mission is a grassroots organization that seeks to build and mobilize communities in the US to get involved through creative social action. Our work in Africa has been made possible by the advocacy of people like you. Your role is crucial to our core purpose because of your unique voice in addressing and humanizing the crises of our day. We have seen how individuals can act as a voice for the voiceless serving as storytellers, giving dignity and power to the untold stories of people and communities in Africa. Individuals like you create movements, galvanize supporters, and grow life-long advocates. The work of Blood:Water Mission would be impossible without your support. Students at elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities are organizing fundraising events to raise money for clean water and HIV/AIDS projects. Churches are setting up the Lenten season as well as other opportunities as a time of sacrifice to give up spending money on all beverages other than water and donating the funds saved through the 2 Weeks of Sacrifice Campaign. Kids are hosting garage sales and car washes to raise money for communities in need. Corporations are giving matching grants to the dollars raised during the campaigns. To read more about specific stories like these and get ideas on starting a campaign of your own, visit the Blood:Water Blog.

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