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Biochar Products is a start up company dedicated to the demonstration and testing of the fast pyrolysis concept for use in small communities located near forested landscapes. The company is based on the following concepts: A. Excess forest fuels and logging slash are currently disposed of as waste by burning. This burning contributes to greenhouse gasses and causes air pollution in nearby communities. Fast pyrolysis may be an economically viable way to utilize this waste and eliminate the pollution. B. Many of the small rural communities near forests have very poor economies, fast pyrolysis of forest waste potentially is a viable green industry for these rural communities especially if these fast pyrolysis plants can be mobile for use in the forest. C. Biochar has tremendous potential for improving farmland in many ways that could potentially improve profitability of small farms in these same communities. D. Biooil is a renewable fuel that could be one of the best ways to replace current fossil fuel based petroleum without any substantial modification of existing motor vehicles, furnaces or other energy use technology. E. Fast pyrolysis could accomplish all of the above positive and solve a waste problem at the same time. Provided the above concepts are demonstrated and the concept proves profitable Biochar Products will establish a permanent fast pyrolysis industry located in Halfway, Oregon. This industry will operate on forest sites near Halfway during field season and operate in Halfway during winter when field sites are not accessible due to snow. After Biochar Products has demonstrated a viable full production industry we will work with other small rural communities to help them develop their own industries since larger production of the biooil and biochar products will expand demand and use. These are the concepts Biochar Products is pursuing to make a better future for small rural communities in the US and to improve the nations energy and food production future.

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