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Bikram Yoga Capital Area maintains the highest standards for professional development in hatha yoga teaching and in both student and teacher education. It is operated as a school - traditionally known as the Yoga College of India - rather than a fitness center or "studio". Every instructor at Bikram Yoga Capital Area has completed a minimum of 800 hours in teacher trainings from within the Ghosh-Bikram lineage. Prior to teacher training students must have completed at least one year of near-daily practice at BYCA. After teacher training, the apprenticeship process at BYCA takes 1-2 years to complete. Those wishing to open their own Ghosh-Bikram lineage yoga school in the future may apprentice here but must agree to take the yoga practice to a new area (at least 30 miles from an existing school). We will consider apprenticing teachers (1-2 year program at BYCA) who have completed pre-training preparation at BYCA (minimum 300 instructed classes), and a 500 hour+ teacher training program at one or more approved Ghosh-Bikram lineage trainings. Those interested in being recommended to teacher training and joining our apprenticeship program should express interest to the BYCA director 6 months in advance of the training. Approved lineage-based trainings are subject to change, so please stay tuned. Before being recommended to a teacher training, the following is required: 1-2 years of near-daily practice, including a minimum of 300 instructed classes 6 months of Karma Yoga service to BYCA positive leadership at BYCA and in the community embodiment of the therapeutic values and mission of BYCA inclusive attitude toward all BYCA students respect of all BYCA teachers commitment to upholding the Bikram-Ghosh lineage and yoga systems We are also interested in working with those who have trained at the ISHA Yoga Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program in Coimbatore, India. Please contact Ann if you are interested. BYCA's owner and lead teacher has taught several thousand Bikram Yoga classes and has been teaching and practicing for over 10 years. Most other teachers have over 10 years practice experience. All instructors also complete continuing education by participating in close and ongoing mentorship and training at BYCA and other regional lineage-based schools and seminars. All instructors are required to be certified in CPR and first-aid. The school owner closely mentors all teachers before and after training, teaches yoga classes daily, and practices alongside all other students 3-4 times per week. She was initally trained and certified by Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, Emmy Cleaves, and Craig Villani in 2004, and has taught over 4000 hours (and over 3500 students) since that time. She has continued her hatha yoga education with Mary Jarvis, and her gnana and kriya yoga development with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (2006) and Shibendu Lahiri (Lahiria Mahasaya's great-grandson; 2010). FOLLOW (not just like) our Facebook page regularly for updates, philosophy, inspiration, events, special offers, and news.

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