Akhepran International Academy




Regular subjects for the GLAT, BJC, BGCSE, SAT and ACT Examinations are taught because they will help later pursue and study their major degree in college which will lead to their career and PROFESSION in life. We also focus on a wide variety of skills courses in arts, music, dance, drama and to allow the scholars an opportunity to explore the interests and thereby develop their God given talents and PASSION. At Akhepran we place great emphasis on reminding scholars of the need to daily make connections with God and pray every day for spiritual guidance, protection, wisdom and mercy. Our Spiritual focus is a critical aspect of our training, in order for us to prepare true global leaders. The Bible, daily prayers, silent meditations and songs are just a few ways our students remain connected to God. This is done during "Silent Time", daily assemblies, and at retreats. We encourage each child to spend time in silence with God so that they may strengthen and know their divine PURPOSE. 3. Ancient African Wisdom and Values

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