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The WAM House does, however, work with churches that share in the posted core statement of beliefs. Q. How long has the WAM House been operating? A. The WAM House has been in organizational and structural development since 2006. We graduated our first class of participants in June 2010. Q. What is the long-term vision of the WAM House? A. The long-term vision of the WAM House is to see the transformation of the marketplace for the cause of Christ throughout the globe. We would like to see a network of WAM Houses established throughout the world. How does the program work? Q. How will the equipping happen? A. Through three components: Community based living (optional), Mentorship relationships, and through a dynamic learning model with book discussions and real-time life application sessions. Q. What is "community-based living"? A. Although the WAM House residential component is not a boarding house for college students, and the WAM House is not a college, an example of community-based (residential) living arrangements is that of many college students. It is not at all uncommon for college students to rent an apartment together as they go to college in order to share costs and enjoy community with one another as they go through a similar life experience. ("Community" in the sense of a sharing together among friends, peers, and those pursuing some of the same goals, not in the sense of a civic-oriented type of greater community). Today, young adults are trending toward continuing to search out others after graduation, often based on similar life goals, worldviews, interests, etc…, who enjoy the value of experiencing life together in community by renting or owning a house together. Participants can opt out of the community based living. Q. Where will the activities be conducted? A. Churches often have their smaller groups meet midweek at congregants' homes to study the bible or a book that teaches biblical principles. A similar concept will be used for the WAM House organization. The bulk of the book discussions will occur in the participants' residence common living area (kitchen, dining room, living room, porch, patio, etc…). However, they may sometimes choose to hold their discussions in other venues, just as a church's small group may decide to have bible study someplace other than the church or home. Locations for mentorship will be determined by the mentor and the mentored. Special speakers will likely do most of their speaking at the participants' residence. The WAM House organization's "community-living based" component of the program aims to offer that type of enrichment option to participants. Participants are encouraged to do so because of the added enrichment of experiencing life together as they participate in the program. The community living aspect of the WAM House program has the added dimension of the shared focus by participants on a theme, that of learning how to integrate their faith in all aspects of their life, but especially work. Just like in families and friendships, the context of living together often offers the best opportunities for teachable moments, learning and mentorship. Q. What if I already have a place to live? Do I have to live in a program house to participate? A. No. Participants can participate in the dynamic learning facet of the program.

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