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At NTF we help our clients improve their organisation's competitive positioning and profitability, through assisting senior management in making superior decisions in: Customer Management Marketing Operations In order to do this, we work closely with clients to determine what information sources and data currently exist, and where the information gaps are. Once further research and data requirements are identified and fulfilled, all information is integrated and enriched by state-of-the-art marketing science techniques. e have expert analysts and data modellers who conduct all analysis in house. They have a range of very sophisticated data analysis methods and modelling capability. The NTF Group has its own in-house capability in terms of online survey development. We have developed in-house several web applications for use in online research, including an online focus group bulletin board, and online survey software with the capability to conduct complex choice modelling studies online. The NTF Group works with clients to optimally acquire and utilise customer insights and associated data more efficiently and effectively. This means: generating deep qualitative insights, implementing sophisticated quantitative research designs, integrating and interpreting both quantitative research and internal data (e.g. activity costs or other operational data, customer records, transaction and call centre data, etc) and executing predictive, classification, network mapping and optimisation modelling. The results are often presented in the form of decision support software or customized apps to provide management with a "what if" capability and disseminate new insights to their organisation. Some of these are highly imaginative, such as the interactive model using a map of Shanghai with drag-and-drop buildings for Shanghai Housing which we conducted for the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation - which not only predicted with great accuracy but is still being used as an internal training tool for the way research can be provided.

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