Snowy Mountain Consulting Ltd


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(604) 312-3541


Snowy Mountain Consulting Ltd. provides services to design and implement paper filing and automated computer systems that manage all forms of intellectual property. Our services span the entire project life cycle from design, purchasing of hardware and software, implementation, bulk loading and staff training. We have no preference with regards to vendor or system and will work with whatever system is currently in place in a customer's office to upgrade or automate it, or assist clients in purchasing a system with the correct features to ensure that they are successful in its implementation. Snowy Mountain Consulting Ltd. is also an expert in bulk loading systems. We have designed projects ranging from bulk loading 40,000 diskettes of engineering drawings, mass-digitization of 70,000 audio files, scanning of centuries of years of adoption records and converting microfilmed documents to indexed scanned images. We have completed converting a large government multi office paper filing system to a common file series in a single location. Our experience spans three decades of computer hardware and we are fully familiar with older mainframe systems, mini-computers, 7 and 9 track magnetic reels, floppy disks and diskettes, legacy backup and archival systems. We have significant programming experience with Cobol and Fortran and can converse in technical terms with the support personal who keep these legacy systems running. Contact us to find out more about how we can help design and build a new Document Management System or support your existing Systems.

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