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For 25 years, Schreiner Capital has been managing money for investors who understand the importance of risk-management. We have successfully managed our clients' portfolios in both rising and falling markets. Our investment process is based on a disciplined, quantitative approach. It is based on facts, not opinions. All of our investment decisions are objective and formula-driven. Our computer-driven models determine each of our buy and sell decisions, removing all emotion, ego and personal bias from the investment process. Our models do not try to predict markets because forecasting is a fool's errand. John Kenneth Galbraith said, "There are only two kinds of forecasters - those who don't know, and those who don't know they don't know." Stock market prices rise and fall for reasons we don't understand. One methodology that has stood the test of time is trend following. Our goal is to own assets that are trending higher and sell assets that are trending lower. Trend-following, because it is active, may seem like forecasting, but it's not. We make no attempt to predict future prices. Instead, our investment process moves into and out of assets classes based on current market conditions. "Recognize and react" is how we describe our process. We measure current and past market data and realign your portfolio accordingly. Our goal is to reduce risk and grow your investments by participating in assets that are trending higher and avoiding those that are trending lower. Our views on investing have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Investor's Business Daily, The Wall Street Transcript, Money Manager Review and other financial publications. To receive our weekly market analysis, click here.

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