Ridge Global


$2.4 Million




Ridge was started in 2005 by the founders of TSL Marketing to provide end-to-end marketing solutions for technology companies seeking to break into new markets and win new customers. In that time, Ridge has conducted over 100 successful engagements with hardware, software and consulting companies and their alliance partners. Ridge Global Marketing believes that a truly successful campaign is only possible if you go to market with a value proposition that is unique. Within every team, organization and alliance partnership is a potential to bring a unique solution to market. We work with our clients to help them discover this potential - and then deploy it in a way that will open new markets, find new customers and build new revenue streams. What Ridge offers is a predictable flow of leads into the sales pipeline. By following Ridge's proven methodology, we are able to guarantee an agreed number of new qualified leads. Based in Annapolis MD, San Francisco CA, and Galway, Ireland Ridge Consulting was founded by David English and Michael Kelly.

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