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One World Wildlife is a British-based conservation charity that undertakes and supports ecological research, sustainable development initiatives and environmental education projects. We aim to promote: Understanding of climate change and peak oil, over-exploitation of natural resources such as fish, forests, soil and freshwater; Ideas and actions that create sustainable, happy, fulfilling lives that leave the earth a better, more equitable place for the next generation. In the coming decade, we need to make some important changes in our lives so we can enjoy the world without damaging it, experiencing the natural world in ways that enhance our excitement at being alive - valuing and enjoying more our immediate cultural and natural surroundings. Our leisure and working lives can help nurture vibrant and sustainable communities, sharing skills, resources and experiences with those that live near to us. In future, we can enjoy the diversity of nature around us, an efficient infrastructure for public transport, cycling, local food and more sense of community, far less dependent on goods and services that destroy or degrade the natural systems we all depend on. Our current focus on ever-increasing consumer goods, often made at the expense of others and the natural world generally, can and must change. Reliance on our own creativity and relationships with friends, family and the natural world can ensure a much greater sense of well-being. Experiencing new places, both cultural and natural is important to many, but more earthbound travel helps build our sense of connectedness and appreciation of diversity and is an important part of being happy. Feeling connected to the world is part of what it means to be fully alive. Our enjoyment of life is encouraged most as we live in the world in a way that is respectful of the needs of everyone, and everything else, that lives on our planet. Making the shift means we no longer will we feel disconnected physically and spiritually from the world, oblivious to the lives and places that currently we are helping to damage. In the future we can feel confident and excited about a world left better, not worse, for the next generation.

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