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New Leaf Speakers serves successful speakers who are ready to 'turn over a new leaf' in the way they handle requests for speaking appearances world-wide. As the internet brings famous writers, business people and celebrities into ever closer contact with their supporters, New Leaf is there as the friendly and effective extension of their trusted team to explore all appearance queries on their behalf. New Leaf's representation model offers: transparency over secrecy, warmth over 'arms length', tactful dialogue over blunt replies, speed over delay, detailed information over vague response. We offer calm, capable and kind representation in a crazy world. Our speakers are very well known and they are also highly professional and absolutely obsessed with doing a great job each time they are hired. They trust New Leaf to handle every inquiry with utmost respect and kindness, to negotiate effectively and fairly on their behalf, and to offer a gracious and polite decline, when needed. In return, we trust that our speakers will treat all hosts and co-brokers with respect and professionalism and deliver an on-site experience that delights the heck out of attendees. Above all, we genuinely like each other and, if we lived close enough, we'd be hanging out at each others' backyard barbecues. New Leaf also plays well with others. We actively encourage co-broker work for our speakers and believe strongly that a broader net that generates more qualified inquiries and confirmed appearances is good news for everyone. We are in this industry for the long haul and look forward to seeing its continual transformation. New Leaf's founder, Amy Gray, is a native of Bangor, Maine, and a 1994 summa cum laude graduate of Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree with concentrations in women's studies and entrepreneurship. Since 1994, Amy has held a variety of executive level positions in the conference and seminar industry and most recently served as Director of US Events at Giga Information Group (now part of Forrester Research). In that position, Amy worked with many celebrity speakers and drove nearly $7,000,000 in annual events revenue. She also led an amazing team of fifteen talented people who specialized in sponsorship sales, marketing, registration, operations, program development and audio/web-based seminars. Amy resides on the north shore of Massachusetts with her family, which includes Oscar, the lovable pit bull, and Chachi, the one-eyed chihuahua. P.S. For an early look at Amy, the budding entrepreneur, at age 11, click here. The photo strip, courtesy of the SpacePort arcade in the Bangor Mall, was destined for flyers to promote Amy's babysitting skills to unsuspecting neighbors. One look at the self-inflicted 'haircut' and mug-shot style of the finished product convinced Amy to she should post the flyers without the photo.

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