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Moberg Fireplaces specializes in all masonry wood burning fireplaces and masonry gas fireplaces as well as custom masonry fireplaces for commercial and residential architectural projects. Moberg Fireplaces' manufactured kits include the Modern Rumford masonry fireplace and MRC masonry fireplace, which are among the cleanest burning and most efficient masonry fireplaces on the market today. The Modern Rumford fireplaces and MRC fireplaces are clean burning wood and gas fireplaces meeting the strictest EPA Phase II requirements for clean burning fireplaces. The Modern Rumford fireplace and MRC fireplace are approved in Colorado, Washington and California. The Modern Rumford fireplace kit and MRC fireplace kit feature easy installation and customization. Moberg Fireplaces provides comprehensive fireplace construction guidelines as well as architectural drawings for its fireplaces. In addition, Moberg Fireplaces provides custom masonry fireplace design, modern fireplaces, gas log sets, custom gas fireplaces and historic fireplace reconstruction. Moberg masonry fireplaces are noted for their environmental excellence and for environmentally friendly fireplace design. 12 Design Challenges 527.jpg 91 Programming 319f.jpg 952 563 957 115 965 127 971 150 976 156 984 244 990 947 998 190 1002 256 1005 206 1008 212 1041 1036 1042 236 Moberg Fireplaces understands on a deep level that each custom architectural program goes beyond a set of functional requirements, technical space allocations and relationships. Programming holistically embodies the emotional and spiritual needs of the client, too: their dreams of a perfect building. Though ideally we are called in early on fireplace programs, we are also sometimes asked to correct plans and solve problems for projects that have stalled, or are otherwise on tight deadlines. We specialize in solving challenges that other firms are not prepared to address in architectural programming. Moberg Fireplaces is unequaled in our abilities to help professionals realize their client's dreams for their desired fireplace, however grand or unusual, yielding significant fireplace programs. 92 Specifications 329f.jpg 958 115 966 127 973 145 985 244 In designing custom fireplaces, Moberg Fireplaces does not stop at specifying components such as the firebox, smoke chamber and damper. Nor do we merely supply drawings, plans, and sections. Moberg Fireplaces goes further to specify materials and how they should be incorporated into the final complete fireplace solution. We frequently go beyond outdated standard masonry solutions, offering modern building materials such as insulated metal flue systems, and termination structures that can withstand any environmental conditions while supporting classic architectural aesthetics. With our manufactured products, Moberg's specifications include all the components and options for the kit or system, which are frequently backed up with construction guidelines that clearly define all the other required materials and methods. 93 Construction 516bg.jpg 986 244 1051 127 1052 236 Moberg Fireplaces supports the construction of beautiful fireplaces through our unique drawings, specifications and materials. However, we go further by also offering two types of expert supervision for fireplace construction projects. By long distance, we regularly confer with architects, contractors and masons on their projects using overnight express deliveries, telephone, fax, and email. Additionally, we can lend support through on-site inspections, to ensure the quality and accountability required for large-scale and particularly complex projects. 94 Industry 626f.jpg 1009 212 1011 218 1017 230 One of the benefits of leading more than 3,000 fireplace installations over the past 25 years is that Moberg Fireplaces enjoys worldwide professional affiliations with the best practitioners in structural and mechanical engineering, as well as the best metal craftsmen, stone masons, and other complementary professional services. Our affiliation with some of the finest testing laboratories in the world, like OMNI-Test Laboratories, Inc. of Beaverton, OR, allows us to advance the science of fireplaces to new heights. As the need arises, we can and do contract with the best professional services to meet the needs of our clients. The knowledge and experience of the Moberg team in fireplace building codes, standards, and testing requirements is unequaled among North American fireplace firms. In addition to supporting standard programs, Moberg Fireplaces specializes in solving design challenges for fireplaces that - either in their size or scope of aesthetic and technical complexity - might perplex many architects, contractors and masons. Our main goal is always to support the architect. The design solutions we dictate yield functional fireplaces and the quality of fire that the architect's client wants to see. We can produce in CAD the construction documents and detail the materials and specifications it takes to build the architect's design intent, whether the vision is for one spectacular fireplace, or a mansion boasting a dozen or more separate hearths. Our approach is to help see to fruition safe, perfectly performing fireplaces. 9 Custom Solutions 334.jpg 10 Custom Design 325f.jpg 105 Comprehensive Specifications 548 460 884 463 888 466 565 312d.pdf Typical Spec Summary When Moberg designs a fireplace, we do so within the architect's specific program, and within their drawings to the required scale. But we also go a step further to provide a holistic view of all the fireplace components. Moberg goes beyond drawings and material specifications to provide an overview of all that is entailed in the installation of the finished project - to assist in the conceptual incorporation of the complete fireplace into the building. Our specifications are unequaled in the industry for their accuracy and completeness. 106 Innovative Technology 566 320d.pdf Motorized Dampers 567 326d.pdf Heated Smoke Chambers 549 469 890 853 1046 1045 Over the past 25 years, no other fireplace firm has matched Moberg Fireplaces in technological innovation. We are experts at incorporating the non-traditional in fireplace design. These technological advances include computer-controlled draft enhancement, motorized dampers and electronic gas-fed log lighters. Another innovation is our care in building redundant fireplace safety features that please architects, clients, and municipal building departments, which protect users and their guests. 107 Detailed CAD Drawings 568 321d.pdf Typical Section Detail 894 477 In our consultation with architectural firms, Moberg Fireplaces provides all the levels of detail needed to complete submittals to contractors. You may choose to send us your drawings, or we can develop them from the beginning. If you send us drawings, Moberg is expert at identifying and circumventing difficulties in your existing fireplace plans, including design intent incompatibilities with proper fireplace system functioning. We offer workable solutions for existing problems with materials, insulation, fuel-loading, venting, penetrations and terminations. We detail construction in CAD drawings from all the necessary fireplace views. These details can be submitted separately or folded into architects' design and construction documents. In most cases, we can also supply the custom, functional materials. 108 Professional Construction Supervision 895 855 Walter Moberg and other members of our staff are available for job site inspections around the U.S. (and the world) to monitor adherence to construction plans and circumvent possible fireplace construction problems. Our in-house construction consulting department also confers routinely by express mail, telephone, fax and email with architects, contractors, and construction crews. This helps contractors avoid mistakes and down-stream expenses. Moberg Fireplaces is available to advise on and support our designs and materials all the way through to the installed completion of each project. We invite you to contact a Moberg representative for your construction supervision. 564 325d.pdf Custom Client Programs 953 563 959 115 962 121 967 127 972 150 974 145 977 156 987 244 991 947 999 190 1003 256 1006 206 1022 236 Moberg Fireplaces designs and creates aesthetically pleasing, fully functional fireplaces based on the architect's unique design intent, regardless of the complexities. Consequently, many of the programs we have worked on in the past two decades are aesthetic and engineering fireplace marvels. Modern custom fireplace design is extraordinarily demanding. Too often we see programs where internal elements, particularly in large fireplaces, are poorly placed for real-world operating conditions. Improper design may cause mantels and facings to crack, or smoke to spill into rooms. Moberg expands the architect's palette of available options for fully functional fireplaces. We also excel in working with unusual geometries and the newest technologies to accurately deliver perfectly functioning historical recreations. 11 Sophisticated Assemblies 405bg.jpg 23 Unusual Fireplace Geometries 571 401d.pdf Multi-Faced Openings 572 195d.pdf Complex Fireboxes 1047 1043 1048 1044 1049 858 1050 859 In our modern world, many people accept that chimneys do not need to terminate directly above fireplaces. However, most modern direct-vent gas fireplaces have only the usual selection of firebox geometries. These drastically limit the presentation of the fire and only use gas-fired systems. Architectural desires for unusual firebox geometries challenge all conventional fireplace designs. Moberg Fireplaces accomplishes the successful design of unusual fireplace elements by putting together geometries for fireboxes and for flues that do not strictly adhere to traditional designs, and their codes and listings. We deal regularly with unusual firebox geometries, such as round and multi-sided fireboxes. No other firm matches our experience in designing, detailing and supervising the construction of fireplaces with unusual geometries. 24 Creative Venting Solutions 903 491 905 493 The complexity of proper fireplace venting is often underestimated. This accounts for the unfortunately large number of North American fireplaces that don't function properly. Instead of putting together a group of pre-designed and often limiting components, Moberg Fireplaces first considers fuel load and exhaust system demands on a building. This often requires creative thinking. Moberg Fireplaces has a long track record of allowing for other building programs, including rooms, swimming pools, and elevator shafts that interfere with conventional smoke ventilation. That creative spirit, backed up by our training and experience, yields creative venting solutions that perfectly match even the most demanding architectural program. 25 Integrated Terminations 907 497 908 499 909 862 1080 165d.pdf Typical Section Detail 1081 614d.pdf Hidden Assemblies Over the past decade, Moberg Fireplaces has found a solution to a long-standing problem in modern fireplace design: creating acceptable terminations. Too often in recent decades, masons have capped chimneys with little informed consideration of good flashing and sealing, proper maintenance or the durability of the materials used. Many covered solutions, designed by architects, especially neglected the need for unrestricted flow of exhaust gases. Moberg Fireplaces has developed integrated termination designs that allow for the correct maintenance of flues over the lifetime of the building, maintain the durability of all components, and provide protection from back pressure, winds and heavy rains. We help our clients avoid the kinds of dysfunctional constructions and operations that destroy fireplaces and fireplace operations. 569 405d.pdf Termination Frames 954 563 960 115 963 121 975 145 978 156 981 167 988 244 992 947 1007 206 1023 236 Moberg Fireplaces simplifies fireplace appearances and achieves desired effects by integrating many necessary, but often uncommon "invisible" fireplace elements. What we must do behind the scenes, to allow specific mantelpiece and firebox positioning, or unusual chimney venting, is frequently technically sophisticated. This may entail shaping, cooling, insulating and ventilating the environment for the gases of the fireplace, or it may require construction of a multi-faceted, technologically advanced skeleton that will allow the surface to express the architect's desire. More than any other firm, Moberg Fireplaces routinely and successfully handles these kinds of difficult requests to deliver sophisticated fireplace assemblies. 50 Classic Fireplace Reconstruction 310bg.jpg 575 310d.pdf Classical Assemblies 580 619d.pdf Reconstruction Program 51 Antique Mantelpieces 578 310d.pdf Classical Assemblies 1026 512 1095 1093 Moberg Fireplaces is not a vast importer or an agent at large for antique mantelpieces, but we are experienced specialists in this area - including the preparation, proper technical integration into the building and final installation of each piece. We locate and acquire specific antique mantelpieces representing the size, decoration and period that client ' Moberg Fireplaces is not a vast importer or agent at large for antique mantelpieces, but we are experienced specialists in this area - including the preparation, proper technical integration into the building and final installation of each piece. We locate and acquire specific antique mantelpieces representing the size, decoration and period that client ' Moberg Fireplaces is not a vast importer or agent at large for antique mantelpieces, but we are experienced specialists in this area - including the preparation, proper technical integration into the building and final installation of each piece. We locate and acquire specific antique mantelpieces representing the size, decoration and period that client ' Moberg Fireplaces is not a vast importer or agent at large for antique mantelpieces, but we are experienced specialists in this area, including the preparation, proper technical integration into the building and final installation of each piece. We locate and acquire specific antique mantelpieces representing the size, decoration and period that client ' Moberg Fireplaces is not a vast importer or agent at large for antique mantelpieces, but we are experienced specialists in this area, including the preparation, proper technical integration into the building and final installation of each piece. We locate and acquire specific antique mantelpieces representing the size, decoration and period that client ' Moberg Fireplaces is not a vast importer or agent at large for antique mantelpieces, but we are experienced specialists in this area, including the preparation, proper technical integration into the building and final installation of each piece. We locate and acquire specific antique mantelpieces representing the size, decoration and period that clients desire. Our skill in this specialized realm was honed over many years in our capacity as fireplace consultant for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel chain. We have worked with ancient mantelpieces covering a millennium of styles and forms, from rustic 11th century antiquities, to 19th century neoclassical, and 20th century art nouveau and art deco. We have substantial experience with 18th century Louis XIV-styled marble pieces, and limestone mantels from 15th century country chateaus in Italy and France. 268 Cast-Iron Firebox Linings 579 616d.pdf Plaques de Cheminees 912 508 915 512 When it comes to fireplace linings, you no longer have to settle for stock patterns and pop designs. Moberg Fireplaces can make the Renaissance come alive in your home or hotel program, with historical cast-iron linings for classical fireplaces and hearths of distinction. With more than a quarter century in the custom fireplace business, Moberg offers one of the widest selection of historical cast-iron firebox linings in North America. We specialize in French and Italian 17th and 18th century originals, as well as impeccable re-castings with aluminum molds made directly from the originals. You may choose from many options in style and configuration. We can provide complete sets, customized to specific mantelpieces, and are constantly acquiring new originals for our clients' programs. Our integrated design services include complete detailing of the firebox and mantel. A CD of potential parts to mix, match and group allows you to work with our designers to customize a solution. Our expert fabricators and foundries do the rest. 269 Traditional European Fireplaces 581 395d.pdf Trad. English Inserts 582 397d.pdf Typical Install Detail 583 396d.pdf Swedish Kakelugns 584 394d.pdf Heat-Store Technology 919 866 921 868 Swedish Kakelugns--The tiled masonry heater has played an important part in the European way of life for more than five hundred years. The Swedish Cronspisen (pronounced "krone-spee-sun") is among the world's finest wood-fired masonry heaters. Called "kakelugns," they are available in tiled or stucco models, and manufactured in pre-engineered components assembled on-site by factory-trained masons. Elegantly simple, with classic lines, they are at home in virtually any decor. Radiant, stored heat from a kakelugn is perhaps its most special benefit. Accumulated heat is released up to 24 hours after the fire is out as gentle, continuous warmth. Independent laboratory tests in Europe and the U.S. confirm overall efficiency of Cronspisen products to be 70-85%, with combustion efficiency approaching 95%. This astonishing performance is achieved without expensive catalytic combustors that must be periodically replaced. Particulate emissions (smoke) are also extremely low, with levels several times lower than even EPA-certified metal woodstoves. English Inserts--Stovax Classic Fireplaces reflect the elegance of the Victorian Era through decorative cast ironwork fireplaces that are faithfully reproduced down to the last detail from 19th century originals. Each Stovax fireplace is an individual masterpiece, hand-cast and finished in exactly the same way as the Victorian originals, with a wealth of intricate decorative detail. Stovax has carefully selected its fireplace inserts to reflect the development of the cast iron insert fireplace, from the elegance of the Regency period to the exuberance of art nouveau. Whether you are choosing a fireplace to restore a Victorian home to its original glory or improving a modern one, there will be a Stovax Classic Fireplace to meet your precise needs. 961 115 989 244 Moberg Fireplaces is a specialist in the reconstruction of fireplaces according to their historic examples. We are adept at the reconstruction of American fireplaces built over the past 350 years, and European fireplaces built over a 1,000-year history. Moberg restores modern-day understanding in the construction of classic fireplaces with a variety of custom programs to assist architects and their clients in the final realization of classical solutions. We identify, specify and source original antique mantelpieces and reline fireboxes with cast iron according to the motifs and the functional geometries of European antiquity. We also import selections of traditional fireplaces manufactured to emulate original historic designs - including Swedish tile stoves (Kakelugns), and English cast iron inserts. 54 Gas Fireplace Systems 518f.jpg 585 518d.pdf Historic Gas Gratings 586 613d.pdf Log-Lighter Gratings 587 322d.pdf Restored Originals 588 331d.pdf Custom Lodge Style 55 Traditional Gas Log Gratings 589 464d.pdf Typical Valve Detail 923 322d.pdf Restored Originals 924 331d.pdf Custom Lodge Style 925 870 927 872 929 529 In fabricating custom gas log gratings, Moberg Fireplaces often marries modern technologies with traditional aesthetics to offer an uncommon variety of design choices. We routinely refurbish traditional and antique gas log gratings and build new gratings to look like antiques. In designing the finest wood-burning grates, options include incorporating gas systems within the gratings themselves. Some gratings (originally intended for "real" fires) may be converted with electronic ignition to burn gas with simulated coal or log fires. 270 Gas-Fired Sculptures 590 146d.pdf Spectacular Creations 934 874 936 876 938 878 We are often asked to incorporate artistic elements in fire, using natural gas, to create abstract expressions of fireplaces. The design intent here is typically to push beyond conventional ideas of fireplace operations and appearances. It is a challenge requiring an artist's mind. To select and manipulate materials that architects, designers and clients might want to see and a fire-scientist's skill to sculpt the flames as well. In designing custom gas-fired sculptures, we must also apply an experienced engineer's understanding to know what materials - the precise varieties of metal, stone, glass, or rock - will perform properly under super-heated conditions. Moberg Fireplaces' experts know how to make a flame burn safely around specific materials, in particular shapes, with exact flame colors, year after year. Decades of experience have informed us in the art and science of gas-fire sculpture. Our creations are some of the finest in the world. 271 Log-Lighter Gratings 591 579d.pdf Gratings with Burners 940 880 One of the latest and most unique solutions Moberg Fireplaces offers for clients who want to light their wood burning fuel loads with the assistance of gas, are custom log-lighter gratings. Unlike conventional log-lighting arrangements, the gas tubing that feeds the log-lighter is contained in the grating itself. These devices can be designed to either extinguish their gas flame manually or automatically once the combustible materials have been properly ignited. Special testing and listing is required in some jurisdictions for these remarkable log-lighter gratings, and Moberg Fireplaces is adept at leading architects and builders through the testing and listing requirements. 956 563 964 121 968 127 1000 190 1001 949 1004 256 Custom gas fireplaces, before they are performance-tested by a UL-listed laboratory, are considered non-UL-listed gas appliances. Moberg Fireplaces, as a leading design expert, shepherds performance testing by recognized testing laboratories for each of our gas fireplace projects, so we can provide the architect and contractor with the documentation they need to obtain their permits. We provide the equivalency that inspectors look for and that the codes allow, to ensure clients have a safe, tested and proven appliance. In the manufactured realm, Moberg creates standard model gas-fired gratings that are widely noted for their robust, wood-fired appearances. No ambience or effect, large or small, is beyond our reach. Moberg Fireplaces is the leading North American firm offering services related specifically to the art of designing and fabricating fireplaces of distinction. As consultants to architects, builders and manufacturers, Moberg Fireplaces has specified successful fireplace designs from Barcelona to Hong Kong. A special expertise is the design and specification of very large fireplaces for hotels, lodges and private residences. Wherever there are challenging fireplace programs, Moberg Fireplaces has the experience and skill to develop successful solutions, from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to gas-fired sculptures. 14 Portfolio 15 Residential 109 Starwood Residence Aspen, Colorado Robert A.M. Stern Architects 111 plan 117_1a.jpg 112 section 200_1b.jpg 113 elevation 211_1c.jpg 114 chimney 201_1d.jpg 563 image 202.jpg A split-flue design concept borrowed from Lutyens is realized in this construction. Draft-induced termination and custom gas log set are run via modem. 120 Gas Fired Sculpture Columbia, Missouri Walter Moberg Design, Inc. 121 image 146_3.jpg 122 plan 147_3a.jpg 124 elevation 145_3c.jpg 125 chimney 187_3d.jpg 1056 section 213.jpg A city of glass rises in the center of this modern stone and stainless steel home designed by J.E. Cundiff.

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