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A small firm was doing fairly well and engaged Kiara to help it grow. The senior management team told us that, in hiring employees, they assessed candidates' core values and approach to life (character traits). They believed trust was a major factor in the company's success. "Others hire people with the best heads or minds," the company chairman said. "We hire people with the best hearts. The press characterized the company as an egoless team culture built on personal character. The company's management style became positive and mostly unstructured through Kiara's work. In addition to reduced staff conflicts, other benefits of the company's positive and productive culture included decreased employee turnover, low absenteeism, and fewer mental health problems, leading to lower expenses for management, insurance, recruitment and training. Kiara helped the company to manage their staff through Kiara's self-management process. This trained all staff within the company to be personally responsible for their jobs. Managers were able to get more done with less people. Through personal leadership coaching, Kiara helped managers to identify and change any self-limiting patterns that lessened their enjoyment of their staff and their business. Executives gained skills for greater success. Kiara helped hiring managers to know more about how job candidates would perform before they hired them. Kiara identified desirable character traits and detected undesirable ones. Next, an analysis of this information was translated into job-related behaviors that expressed how the job candidate would perform if hired. The hiring manager did not have to hold his or her breath while they waited to see what happened during the new employee's first few weeks on the job. There were no surprises. Within 15 years, Kiara's client had become the world's largest company of its kind. Eventually, it was sold to a large international bank. The family had no regrets; everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and profited enormously from the sale.

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