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Jexia enables you to store data in our CLOUD. All content will be stored on our secure cloud storage infrastracture. You may decide yourself if you want to use schemaless or a strict schema to store your data. You can use the server-side predefined validation checks when storing your data and define your own regular expressions if needed. Work in Progress! You can instantly generate a Content Management System to manage your stored content. Whether you work on a mobile or web application for a customer, Jexia enables your customers to update their own content. By using Jexia you don't need to code a CMS from scratch yourself. The Jexia platform provides an SDK for building web, iOS and Android applications. With Jexia SDK you will be able to integrate Jexia instantly into your native application. Because the SDK is fully native, it can add functionality to your projects without limitations. Work in progress! Other developers can be invited to collaborate on your projects in JEXIA. Invite developers whose expertise you seek to join your team. When you invite a developer, they'll be sent an email to let them know they were granted access to the project. We don't just enjoy using open source, we love creating it! Open Source software is in the heart of Jexia. At Jexia we are dedicated to create Open Source tools to be used by you. We open sourced our SDK's and tools from the start. Join our community so we can build great tools we all need together.

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