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The goal of InterMLS® is to establish a Realtor® based company that takes advantage of technology while preserving services. The future of internet and real estate is not to be feared but embraced. We are aware of the changes and are prepared to meet them with a business plan that can grow with the future. Technology is bringing services together, to provide the public with a wider variety of tools found in a central location. It has further given Realtors® the ability to provide more services to their clientele without compromising professionalism. Automation of the appropriate services has placed our company into the international arena for buying, selling, consulting and both pre and post sales activities. We have developed our system to perform on a world wide arena thus cutting the expense of the local office scenario. InterMLS® has placed 4000 referrals in the first year, with consulting and strategic counseling in 20 separate countries. Our staff and clients have access to every service known in our industry and everyone can reach them through our Virtual Office technology. Our patents and trademarks are a strong indication of the original forward thinking our corporate office is capable of achieving. This is the very beginning of a wonderful future in communication and services rendered through the Internet. Business to Business is going to be integrated so smoothly over the next 20 years, that borders as well as corporate plans are going to merge on a global scale. Our future goal is to combine real estate sales, appraisals, mortgages, titles, maintenance, and ancillary duty from legal advise to home warrantee programs, under one roof. Our final step is to keep technology simple enough so that all people will be able to embrace it and not be passed up by the times. Our plan is new, our plan is radical, our plan is inspiring. Like the plan or not it is successful and is here to stay. You may click on our LIVE chat button found on the bottom of every page to be connected to an InterMLS® representative. Thank You for your interest in InterMLS®.

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