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H2 Surveying provides monitoring systems that measure movements required by many different scopes of work. ​Our systems are used on: Vertical walls within an open pit mine atmosphere. New slopes caused by heavy construction and blasting event. Areas of unpredictable landslides, tunnels, and building movements. Our automated system usually consists of are series of robotic stations that gather readings on installed prisms at designed locations. We make these gathered readings viewable via our server to our clients, in which they can see if any movements have occurred. The system is programmable to take readings every second or once a day, depending on the projects needs. Once the reading is obtained it automatically uploads this data to h2's database, it reduces the data and provides all the data necessary to show the current readings. Our monitoring system is unique in the way that it really can be designed to each specific site that requires these types of measurements, and we have the ability to analyze what system is really necessary is far as cost differences between long term systems or short term systems. The ongoing benefits to our monitoring system are not only long term cost benefits, but that the data can be viewed at any time, and data that is being gathered at any desired interval the client needs. With the ability to set up alarms, either by text message or email, when any movements outside the desired tolerances happen, the group and H2 are immediately notified. This provides total quality assurance on projects and structures that may have the ability to move and cause damage or devastation to its surroundings. To inquire more about our monitoring capabilities please feel free to call or email us, we can tailor our system to meet your needs.

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