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Gram-Mangal was founded in 1982, by the eminent educationist and intrepid social worker late Anutai Wagh and Prof. Ramesh Panse. In the initial years, Gram-Mangal was engaged in a multitude of activities, primarily geared towards creating opportunities for tribal youth so they could be self-reliant. These included construction of tube wells on tribal hamlets, establishing and running health centers, establishing an agricultural farm and nurseries. In addition, Gram-Mangal concerned itself with educational activities that covered all age groups, including crèches, preschools, elementary schools, adult literacy programs, night schools, etc. In the 1990's, we were able to shift our thrust to the educational activities that we believe would have the greatest impact on the tribal areas in the long run, namely- Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Training teachers, and establishing and running schools is one part of what we do. In parallel, we have been developing and successfully implementing an educational methodology that we have derived from research and experiementation. A methodology that is consistent with the state of the art research carried out by child education experts worldwide, and at the same time, keeps our children firmly rooted in our community, society and environment. This work has now crossed the boundaries of tribal and rural and has spread across the state of Maharashtra, and beyond.

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