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The Firearms Coalition of Colorado is a grassroots organization formed to oppose legislation which would restrict the individual citizen's right to self defense, and/or restrict the right to keep and bear arms. WHAT WE BELIEVE: There are people who prey upon other people no matter what laws are put upon the books. The possibility of violent criminal attack is very real. The criminal justice system cannot protect us from attack. The presence of police during criminal attack is merely coincidental and not very likely. The responsibility for safety and survival lies in the individual. The right of self defense must not be abridged. Resisting attack is a legitimate endeavor. We are pro-choice as to the means of self defense. The individual's choice to use firearms is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Colorado Constitution. Protecting the innocent is the proper concern of free citizens and cannot be left to government employees alone. The natural right of self defense and the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, dictate that citizens be able to defend themselves and their family with instruments of their choice. The weapons should be at lease as powerful and efficient as those of the criminal. As criminal attack may occur at any time, the citizen should not be limited as to where or when he or she resists violent attack. To control crime we must keep our focus on the perpetrator rather than upon his instrument. Banning self-loading weapons will lead to banning repeating weapons, and short weapons and then all weapons. The criminal will not give up his weapons and neither will the non-criminal who knows that unilateral disarmament benefits only the aggressor. We do not believe the only legitimate use of firearms is sport. Defending our families and freedom is a fundamental right. Decent and good citizens are the first line of defense against the criminal violence and ought not to be looked on as troublemakers. We believe the firearms issue to be entwined with Civil Rights. We object to all anti-gun proposals that would limit the self defense capability of women, the elderly, minorities, the poor, the handicapped, the abused, and the weak. Because the authorities cannot promise protection for these people, these people should not be denied weapons because of artificially high price, registration fees, excessive and useless background investigations, or other administrative tricks. No one, exercising his or her right to bear arms -- or any other civil right -- should be put on a government list. History has proven registration and other civil right controls to be useless in fighting crime. All too often, "reasonable" control has paved the way for gun confiscation and for tyranny.

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