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Electronic Trend Publications (ETP) was formed in 1978 to assist industry executives in their strategic planning. We publish off-the-shelf market research reports in key areas of the electronics industry. The reports are written by a staff of independent analysts and consultants who are second to none in their ability to explore and analyze our targeted markets. From our many years of experience, we know that electronic industry executives are often confronted with the need to make long-range decisions without sufficient analysis. In some cases there is plenty of data. What is often missing is a structure for organizing this data--a perspective that leads to intelligent action. Our reports provide that structure and perspective along with the data. ETP focuses on two distinct arenas: Electronics Manufacturing Electronics Technology Within each arena we focus our reports on specific markets of key interest in today's fast changing environment. The reports typically cover a market for the entire world and are broken into the segments that pertain to that market. Most reports also contain a special focus on semiconductor content. Each report is written to serve the needs of three distinct, but interrelated, groups: vendors, users, and other industry participants. For vendors, each report has the elements of a classic market study: market size, market growth rates, market segments, and vendor shares. For users, each report provides a technology review and application analysis along with profiles of major vendors. For other industry participants, the reports provide a roadmap for increased participation. The backbone of each report is primary market research. Our market information comes from interviews with vendors, users, and other industry participants. We use secondary research only for tests-of-reasonableness and technical background. More importantly, we take that primary research well beyond verbatim transcription of interviews. We distill the research into coherent forecasts and recommendations. One of our reports can save our customers weeks or months of research. For many customers, these reports are technology acquisition insurance. The reports enable executives to make decisions in a structured manner. Our customers tell us these reports are excellent tools for building consensus regarding their company's real market opportunities. We are dedicated to providing our customers with accurate reporting on our targeted markets. The evidence of our success is illustrated by our growing customer list of over 1500 firms worldwide.

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