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EDCS Power designs and builds 100kW DC-UPS that distributes narrowband +/-190Vdc to a standardized open hardware racks and are configurable from 100kW to 500kW. EDCS Power delivers the data center industry's highest meter to motherboard electrical efficiency. By eliminating redundant power transformation, converting back and forth between AC and DC at the UPS and again at the IT gear, EDCS delivers far more of energy paid for down to the IT load. EDCS Power designs and manufacturers 100kW DC-UPS equipment for ensuring continual power in data center operations. Our 100kW power modules can be configured in parallel to create up to 500kW backup systems. The 100kW DC-UPS takes in 480Vac, rectifies to DC, passes through the battery connection interface, and then supplies narrowband +/-190Vdc out to the IT loads. The units are compact, taking up only two standard floor tiles and includes a drawer based N+1 battery stack, which provides for over a minute of backup power. Our patented double conversion 4 wire DC-UPS design introduces many new and important performance and safety features never before available in a direct current distribution architecture. Our DC-UPS electrical output distributes, when measured from pole to pole, at extremely efficient 380Vdc, but due to our patented technology phased to ground is capped at 190Vdc. The purpose of developing and deploying this modern power electronics based control technology is to greatly reduce staff exposure to high ground fault current, and to significantly lower the potential for arc flash typically associated with 277Vac and 380Vdc systems. In other words, EDCS Power is delivering on the highest end-to-end electrical efficiency in a backed up environment while actually improving system response & safety for maintenance staff. We encourage you to contact us for our 100kW DC-UPS data sheets to learn more about how we can rationalize, simplify, and greatly improve your existing data center power path.

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