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ECHOBIO LLC is a medical product engineering company. We are the industry leader in the application of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to implantable medical devices and have helped many companies through the product development and regulatory approval process. ECHOBIO LLC has over five years of experience with medical devices including self-expanding and balloon expandable stents, stent grafts, heart valves and others, as well as a strong background in implantable materials (metals, polymers, ceramics and biomaterials). This experience provides a solid foundation for using FEA and improves our simulation of devices and surgical procedures. We participate on international standards committees and pioneer innovative materials research to develop better engineering methods for making safe and reliable implantable medical devices. Our goal is to put our engineering and medical product expertise to work for customers and partners, helping them to move quickly and confidently to market with safe and effective products. From concept through design, development and regulatory approval, ECHOBIO LLC can help you create better products. ECHOBIO offers technical consulting services:- Finite Element Analysis (FEA)- Product design and optimization- Fatigue and durability analysis- Materials and processing- Mechanical testing and evaluation- Prototyping of Nitinol componentsOur expertise includes:- Mechanics of materials- Fatigue and fracture mechanics- Product design and manufacturing- Shape memory and other medically implantable alloys - Polymers, ceramics, composite and biological materialsWe provide highly flexible and responsive attention to develop your products and accelerate you confidently through the product prototype and verification processes.

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