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The principles behind DakiOm were conceived in 1996 when DakiOm's founder and President, Kim Dao, Ph.D., discovered some interesting behaviors of audio amplifier circuitry. While tweaking standard cables and interconnects, Dr. Dao observed that seemingly inconsequential high-frequency behavior (beyond human hearing) of an amplifier affects sound quality. The first five years of research resulted in two remarkable patents for Feedback Stabilizers. In May 2003, the first line of Feedback Stabilizers were introduced into the commercial marketplace. Since then, many music lovers have been amazed by the wonderful improvement to their audio systems after installing DakiOm's Feedback Stabilizers. The unequaled strength of the DakiOm product spawns directly from the company's founder. In 1972, Dr. Dao earned his doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. A diverse background spanning 40 years of applied mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering resulted in numerous patents from heat pumps and power supplies to the Feedback Stabilizer. Each of these "real world" accomplishments allowed Dr. Dao to consider negative feedback theory from a different perspective. This backdrop inspired the out-of-the-box thinking that allows Feedback Stabilizer technology to improve a common sound system to incredible heights. While Dr. Dao stands firmly grounded in the principles of science, it is his passion for music that ensures each black box delivers only the truest sound quality. The DakiOm team is committed to bringing about a greater enjoyment of music and movies by vastly improving the listening experience. In the vein of continual improvement, DakiOm is proud to introduce its new second generation products, the 203 Series Feedback Stabilizers.

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