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DARA Associates offer Service Experience Evaluations and Social Impact Studies that will provide a feedback and an evaluation that not only gives an insight into what customers think, but is an excellent marketing activity in itself. The Concept to Which Marketing refers. Marketing is planning and carrying out the formation, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create interactions that satisfy individual and organizational objectives. Simply, marketing is all of the activities that get a product or service to a customer so that they will be satisfied enough to pay and ask for more. As one can recognize, marketing activities are a major importance to a businesses' economy. Many marketing activities are necessary to provide people with satisfying goods and services and maintain a long term healthy business economy. Marketing strategy encompasses selecting and analyzing a target market or markets and creating an appropriate marketing mix (product or service, distribution, promotion, and price) that will satisfy those people. In marketing, identifying all potential customers and defining the service package are important considerations. An emphasis on quality of service and a strategy for customer retention is often more important to financial success than winning new customers - not least because obtaining a repeat sale from an existing customer usually involves only a fraction of the cost entailed in acquiring a new customer.

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