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Classic Livestock Management Services is: - a company currently comprising of thirteen producer/shareholders based in Australia and Canada who have:- Experience - A lifetime in the livestock industry - 20 years plus developing and using this system Knowledge - in animal production and associated businesses including marketing, accounting and personnel management. History - Research into a range of other selection methods and grading systems, along with our own experience over many years of observation and trial and error, has led to the system we have developed today that is capable of delivering in excess of a 98% success rate for cattle with a high meat and milk quality. Consumer feedback and taste tests have given us the confidence in the system to share it with the industry. The majority of our work has been done with cattle, but we are confident that the same traits carry a similar influence in all cloven hoofed animals. We have identified 18 traits that can be visually and kinaesthetically assessed and scored by trained evaluators. These traits concentrate on selecting for breeding purposes and for meat quality. The major advantage of our system is that it can select animals on the hoof in a matter of minutes or less, as compared with other meat grading systems that only grade after slaughter. This ensures, for example, that high scoring breeding animals are not slaughtered, but used to breed from, thus increasing the herd etc. percentage of the gene pool necessary for increasing the production and numbers of these quality animals. We have found that the required traits can be found in all breeds, although some of the older, less popular breeds tend to have a higher percentage of better grading animals. We think that the popular breeds have been more genetically manipulated in recent years to produce more highly only in one or two areas e.g. growth rates, milk quantity to the detriment of other traits.

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