The Caledonian Society of New Orleans


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We offer these web-site links as a small first step in that direction. If your site is not listed and you would like to see a link here, please contact Wayne Alligood (Co-Webmaster) by email. We are pleased to provide links to all non-commercial Scottish related sites. You my feel free to link to this site at will. We understand the importance of and support Highland Games and Clan Gatherings but realize they only represent a few elements of the purpose of our organizations. The objective is to organize the remaining missions in the same fashion that the Games have evolved. We must be cognizant that the success enjoyed by Highland Games continues to grow because of public attraction and resulting revenue generated. Mission statements of all Societies will be accomplished to a higher degree if we employee the successful model of the Games; organize, plan, promote and excite building budgets to expand and improve the proceeding event or function. We appreciate that these are ambitious objectives and may be recognized only with much collaboration and collective efforts. The task is great but the potential benefit is larger. Should you share these opinions, we hope that you will become involved in these efforts to advance the fundamental reasons that attracted each of us to the Societies we now enjoy membership in. If interest is demonstrated, we are prepared to donate a sub-domain on this site to the effort and assist is all site maintenance and publication efforts. There is no single magnrtic element pulling us all together but there are many common interest and values which made the concept of established formal association appealing.

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