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CFN is an online consumer service that links consumers to a network of qualified insurance agents and underwriters throughout the nation. Based on information you provide, we search CFN's extensive database to identify the insurance agent or underwriter best suited to meet your insurance needs, at the most competitive rates. To make a successful match, we create a simple profile of you based on the information you submit. This information includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, income and any specific financial information related to the type of coverage you seek. This information is required by agents to verify your eligibility for an insurance policy. Your coverage request will be released to the agents or underwriter(s) meeting our search criteria, only upon your authorization (submission of a completed questionnaire qualifies as authorization). Your information will be reviewed by the insurance agent or underwriter in our network and you will then be contacted directly by phone or e-mail within one business day. Users are under no obligation to pursue coverage with any entity in the CFN network. CFN is not an insurance agent or underwriter, rather it is a consumer resource used to simplify the process of screening agents and insurance products. Our innovative search tools enable users to locate qualified agents in different areas of the country, review policy features and comparison shop for competitive rates. All insurance agents and underwriters in the CFN network operate under federal and state industry regulations. Since these insurance agents and underwriters have access to your information whether or not you qualify for a policy with them, you should contact them directly regarding their organization's privacy policies. Further, any information you provide can be updated or deleted from the CFN database by contacting our Customer Service.

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