Bubble Communication is a company that proposes to do unique series of Brand & Media workshops to help entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketing professionals and management students on how to think out of the box. These workshops are specifically designed for the participants to interact with unique professionals who have found unprecedented solutions for problems which they had to solve. In the process, they threw the book away and re wrote it. Because of their unique mindset and their ability to problem solve differently, they not only created huge success stories for their products and organizations but also became brands within themselves. Today, we are churning out MBA's in huge numbers who are given a crash course in very rudimentary management techniques, which have become almost sacrosanct in their mediocrity and sameness. For the modern manager and leader, the ability to look for solutions which are not conventional or standard in the practice and pursuit of entrepreneurship, they need to be exposed to a thinking that was called maverick thinking, a couple of years ago, but today is sought after with great respect because of its effectiveness and its capacity through the shit of jargons and fancy footwork. We have put together a faculty of some of successful known names, all unconventional in their own ways and hugely successful in their deliveries and equities. These are a series of workshops that we started in 2009 and will continue this initiative with various self created and market acclaimed brands!

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