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Josh McWhorter founded Black Oak Asset Management. Through his vision, the idea of Black Oak has become reality. From early thoughts to full implementation, Josh was the driving force. In March of 2009, Black Oak Asset Management came to be. Josh implemented his ideas and programs, giving BOAM, Inc. fast start status. While business has been great, Josh was most proud of the "give back program" where Black Oak attempts to be more than advisors. In the community, Black Oak wears the sales hat of all of our clients with the idea that if we give back to those that have helped us, the favor will eventually return. Beyond the fast start and various programs, under Josh's vision Black Oak has successfully added staff, moved offices and has been a part of numerous sponsorships, charitable engagements, and community organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Our company is built on knowledge. You are likely to notice how many publications and media outlets have contacted us regarding various financial topics. Names like US News & World Report, CBS 46 of Atlanta, and The AJC have all found our opinions worth sharing. Beyond first glance, you are likely to notice a contrast to our competitors. As you notice the difference, you realize that we have a keen sense of who our clients are. Financial knowledge only takes you so far. The vast majority of our clients desire a working relationship that goes beyond the numbers. The staff at Black Oak Asset Management desire to understand the person. Together, you and Black Oak make a powerful combination that helps differentiate ourselves from others in this market. We are proud of the resources we have to offer. When you schedule an appointment with Black Oak Asset Management, you will find a little more depth and breadth to our conversations. The financial systems in which we operate afford us the opportunity to serve our clients with a greater variety of solutions than just the usual "hold long term" or "the funds are 5-star rated. Our company analyzes each individual aspect of a clients well-being before making recommendations. The client leads us to the destination he or she would like to arrive at, and we show what we think is the best strategy to get there (although results cannot be guaranteed). The relationship between client and Black Oak is key. By identifying what is important to you, what motivates you and causes to your behavior, we are able to chart a course that you are much more likely to adhere to. We understand that human emotion is the single greatest deterrent to financial success. By understanding you, we are confident in identifying opportunities that fit your needs. Whether you require just a simple "needs analysis" or, for example, a more complex "strategy for retirement security" or a plan for "completing college without crushing debt" we stand ready to assist you in achieving your goals.

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