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BT Trading Group is a futures, securities and forex brokerage division of Man Financial, INC. Partners Bill Orlowski, Tim Eilers and John L. Roe combine their diverse experience in financial markets to provide you with world class brokerage and asset management from one of the world's largest market participants. BT Trading Group specializes in automated trading systems and managed trading programs which trade systematically utilizing a diverse array of financial instruments. Whether it's market timing systems which trade the Rydex or Profunds families of mutual funds, or software based futures trading systems or Commodity Trading Adviser programs or forex trading systems , we are one of the industry's leaders in auto-trade programs and products. Our 24 hour global execution desk gives us a round the clock presence, while our technological assets provide us lightning fast execution on almost all of the world's financial exchanges. In addition to our managed or automated trading programs, BT Trading Group is also a full service futures, options, securities and forex broker for private clients and professional traders alike. Our clients may trade via phone, electronic trading platform, internet trading platform, instant messenger or email at rates that rival discount brokers. BT Trading Group also offers fund and CTA program management for registered entities. If you manage a fund or advisory program, BT Trading Group offers the best back office and trading support in the business. Our fund managers enjoy professional trade allocations, state of the art account tools, client and legal support all housed in one location.

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