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We all struggle in life and have more in common than different. Acceptance and Coping skills are needed to navigate through life's peaks and valleys. My passion is assisting children, adolescents and adults in finding their way beginning wherever they are. For over 14 years I have been professionally helping others find their way. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I have been blessed with an amazing career allowing me to work with children, adolescents, families, adults and the elderly. Over the past 14 years I've been working as a psychotherapist across the country from NY, CT, WY, ID, MT, OR and now my hometown out at the Beaches of Jacksonville, Florida. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, life experience and understanding of people from all walks of life. I was clinically trained at New York University where I obtained my MSW. I craved more knowledge to help more intensely so I continued my intensive training, receiving a post graduate certificate in Clinical Social Worker from Yale Medical School - Child Study Center. I was given the tools to help children, adolescent and families beyond my imagined abilities. I have been trained by the best in the field and am eager to help my hometown community thrive. My ideology and approach is strengths based, DBT & CBT trained, psychodynamic, positive restructuring and client focused. Vulnerability is a life necessity as scary and taboo as it is for many. It is the common denominator that makes us all human. In order to develop closeness we have to take a chance and allow others in ... we need to be vulnerable. A lot of us have been conditioned in life from an early age to build a wall, not to share with others, keep people at a distance, put on a brave face, pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, don't ask for help, don't cry in front of others; basically do not show weakness, don't show vulnerability. What a lonely life that can create in our hour of need. It is unhealthy to close ourselves off from others and try to figure everything out on our own. This opens the door to a lot of maladaptive behaviors such as addiction, self harm, depression, anxiety, social phobia, abuse on varied forms and levels. Vulnerability=Humanness and that is the one thing that connects us all. My goal is to assist others in all life stages with improving their life, building their tribe of supportive people, eliminating the negative chatter, helping establish boundaries with the negative forces in our lives and finding their truth. Establishing my private mental health practice here in my hometown is where I am now and excited at the opportunity to help so many. I am blessed to have worked with virtually every population and economic situation coast to coast in this country. I've provided mental health services in private settings and public, the great outdoors, inner cities, Native American Reservations, schools, hospitals, clinics as well as in an office in the burbs. I have learned we are all human and struggle is a part of our DNA. It is how we view our world regardless of the circumstances that predicts our joy in life. I am open for new clients and in the true social work tradition am open to coming to you, classroom observations and partnering with schools when beneficial for success. Let the journey begin.

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