Australian Association for Unmanned Systems






AAUS focuses on facilitating awareness, integration and collaboration between industry, academia, government and defence. AAUS offers its members a range of benefits and services. These include industry advocacy, representation, advice, networking opportunities, business promotional opportunities, and discounted insurance. AAUS serves its membership through every avenue that promotes the adoption and integration of unmanned systems into applications that serve civilian and military needs. Through collaboration with peripheral industries, supporting industries and within the resources sectors, AAUS facilitates the uptake of unmanned systems technologies into new market sectors. AAUS plays a pivotal role in identifying R&D opportunities for its membership and providing advocacy at both the State and Federal levels of Government. AAUS takes a leadership role in building the infrastructure necessary to allow the unmanned systems technology to take hold as a viable industry. From working directly with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to create the highest possible standards in regulations to directing the creation of privacy reforms in Australia for unmanned systems, AAUS is influential. AAUS works at a national level to assist the government in recognizing the capacity of the unmanned systems community that includes, manufacturing, support services, operations, training and world class leaders in R&D. AAUS also hosts international events that attract presentations and delegates alike from around the world. AAUS also understands the changing needs of a burgeoning industry and takes on the challenges of its members at both the Corporate and Individual level.

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