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The Anglican Church in America is a traditional, historic church. We use the ancient offices found in The Book of Common Prayer. The beautiful language of our prayer book draws us closer to God. The continual use of the matchless prayers contained within The Book of Common Prayer offers us a window onto faith, holding us together as a community that meets in Jesus' name. We believe firmly that, in today's complex and often troubled world, God's love and protection are essential to a healthy physical, moral and spiritual life. We affirm that the Holy Bible contains all things necessary for salvation. We believe that the sacraments represent outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace. It is our lasting commitment to protect the ancient treasures and teachings of the church, recognizing that these treasures provide the only true shelter for our passage through this temporal life. They are indeed gifts from God; it is our task to care for them, to preserve them and to pass them on to other faithful Christians.

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