A virtual, hands-on experience that
teaches you to do more with ZoomInfo

By enrolling in ZoomInfo’s virtual certification program, you’ll work your way through real-world use cases, industry best practices and practical applications of ZoomInfo’s comprehensive product suite. Students are welcome to work at their own pace, and to pause and go as convenient.

B2B professionals are encouraged to enroll and learn how to streamline company-wide efficiency and effectiveness, as well drive tangible business results by mastering data intelligence and workflow management processes. Graduates of ZoomInfo University will walk away with the skills needed to gain more value out of their particular ZoomInfo instance.

The program's approximate commitment will run 1.5- two hours.

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The ZoomInfo University Program

Explore industry best practices

in persona development, data management, lead scoring, etc.

Use the ZoomInfo Product Suite

more efficiently and effectively (bonus: impress your colleagues!)

Integrate  the tools needed with your entire stack and your workflows

Grow  your resume and advance your career through the achievement of professional and personal development

Enroll today to get granular with courses tailored to improve your understanding of industry best practices, each tailored to transform you into a ZoomInfo POWER USER.

Receive a copy of your certification upon completion

“ZoomInfo University is a virtual experience designed to strengthen your knowledge of the industry and usage of the entire ZoomInfo Product Suite; it's both a deep dive of capabilities and the beginning of a lasting growth acceleration journey.“

Phil Garlick

Vice President of Corporate Development, ZoomInfo

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