Virtual presentations that provide real-life tips & tricks.

 Past Webinar | 8/1/2015 | Harold Langlois (Harvard University)& Kate Livingston (Harvard University Extension School)

Why Do People Choose You? Identifying Your Clients as Shoppers & Loyalists

Listen to the webinar to learn what you need to do and how you need to treat clients in this complex interface that will set your business up for success and minimize the risk you’re taking by not knowing the shoppers from the loyalists.

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 Past Webinar | 8/1/2015 | Ned Leutz & Jonathan Lacoste (Jebbit )

Data Enablement: Making Smarter Sales & Marketing Decisions

Listen to the webinar with experts from ZoomInfo and Jebbit on, “Data Enablement: Making Smarter Sales & Marketing Decisions,” and learn how to prioritize the data that matters the most, leverage data to create a more personalized experience, avoid data inefficiencies, and more.

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 Past Webinar | 7/1/2015 | Ned Leutz

3 Steps to Reaching Your Best Buyers

With insight into your B2B database, you can identify your buyer personas and duplicate the successes of past campaigns by fueling your funnel with new contacts similar to your best buyers. Listen to the webinar to learn the 3 steps to reaching your best buyers.

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 Past Webinar | 6/1/2015 | Ned Leutz

Unlocking Insight into Your Data: Turning Leads to Customers

Listen to the ZoomInfo webinar to learn how to unlock insight into your data to identify your buyer personas, improve segmentation, and create a personalized approach to your marketing campaigns and sales outreach efforts.

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