Virtual presentations that provide real-life tips & tricks.

 Past Webinar | 5/1/2015 | Ned Leutz & Chris Flores (Namely)

The Art & Science of Inside Sales

What if your sales reps could spend their time holding educated conversations with decision makers at target companies, almost every time they pick up the phone? Well they can! In this webinar, the experts from ZoomInfo and Namely will walk you through the steps of mastering the art & science of inside sales.

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 Past Webinar | 4/1/2015 | Anna Fisher

How to Fuel Your Funnel with the Right Contacts

With access to deeper insights into your database, you can identify your best buyers and duplicate your successes by fueling you funnel with more contacts similar to your buyer personas. Listen to the webinar to learn how to gain deeper insight into your data, segment your buyer personas, and more.

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 Past Webinar | 2/1/2015 | Anna Fisher & Peter Mollins (KnowledgeTree)

Supercharge Your Sales Prospecting: How to Send Targeted Messages to Leads

Buyers are more likely to take action when campaigns are relevant to them, shortening the sales cycle and increasing revenue. Listen to the ZoomInfo & KnowledgeTree webinar to learn how to identify your target market and send the right types of content to your different segments.

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 Past Webinar | 6/1/2014 | Paul Boulanger & Bridget McIIveen(Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP)

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL): What You Need to Know

Are you compliant with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)? Find out in this webinar, which covers how CASL is changing the way the business world communicates electronically with recipients accessing their messages in Canada and steps you can take to help keep your organization out of trouble.

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