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 Past Webinar | 12/1/2015 | Speaker: Lou Wolf and Peter Mollins (KnowledgeTree)

4 Key Steps for Spot on Sales Conversations

Listen to the webinar from the experts at ZoomInfo and KnowledgeTree as discuss how to use your existing data to target those most likely to buy from you and the best practices that reveal the 4 steps that turn ordinary sales conversations into value-adds for your prospects.

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 Past Webinar | 12/1/2015 | Speaker: Anna Fisher

Take Your Marketing Campaigns from Blah to Wow Using Data

If you feel as though your marketing campaigns could be better, but just can’t seem to get them from blah to wow, then this webinar is for you. Learn the secrets on using data to create awesome marketing campaigns that’ll generate so many leads, your boss will want to know what changes you implemented.

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 Past Webinar | 11/1/2015 | Speaker: Ned Leutz

Sales is a Love Affair: How to Target, Engage & Score

Listen to ZoomInfo’s recent webinar to learn how you can spend your time focusing on revenue generating activities and working prospects through the sales cycle in the fastest, most efficient way, turning them into customers in no time.

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 Past Webinar | 11/1/2015 | Speaker: Ned Leutz & Lauren Barber

How to Ignite Your Pipeline Conversion Using Webinars

Webinars are a great way to generate highly targeted leads in the top of the funnel and at the same time engage prospects throughout the buyer’s journey, if done effectively. Listen to the webinar, presented by Ned Leutz and Lauren Barber of ZoomInfo, to learn how to ignite your pipeline conversion using webinars.

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