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9 Mistakes Your Team Might be Making that are Hurting Your Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Your team is most likely using a combination of different sales prospecting methods, including email, social media, and cold calling. But are they drastically impacting the bottom line by making simple mistakes in their outreach efforts?

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20 Reasons to Align Sales & Marketing

Organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing teams achieve a 20% annual growth rate (source: Aberdeen). Check out the whitepaper to learn why it’s essential to stop the fight between sales and marketing.

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How to Increase Your Sales Productivity & Stop Wasting Time

Searching for your prospects’ email addresses and direct dial phone numbers is time consuming and can take more time than you’d expect. Check out the infographic to learn how to increase your productivity.

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6 Steps to a Data Driven Marketing Content Strategy

If you want to step up your content marketing game, you need to use a data driven approach. Download the eBook to learn how to execute a data driven content strategy.

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