ZoomInfo is the most comprehensive source of information about companies and the people who work at those companies. This information is gathered from the same publicly available web sources you may see in other major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing) that are accessible to any person surfing the web. The difference between ZoomInfo and other data sources is in the way we organize this information.

Our patented technology identifies the names of people mentioned on business-related websites and automatically organize their employment history into a ZoomInfo profile using the information found in corporate biographies, news articles, press releases, and other relevant web sources. In addition, ZoomInfo can identify multiple mentions of the same person on web sources across multiple websites and automatically consolidate the information to enhance the ZoomInfo profile describing that person's employment history.

ZoomInfo also contains a wealth of information about the companies where these people work, using information gathered from corporate websites, news articles, SEC filings, and other sources.

You can access ZoomInfo profiles for people and companies using the search fields in the left-hand column at /. If you would like to run sophisticated searches and get access to contact information, you should upgrade to ZoomInfo's premium services by clicking here.

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