The vast majority of people profiles that you see in the ZoomInfo search results were created in an automated process using information found on public web sources and organized using ZoomInfo's patented technology. If you see your name in the Zoominfo search results and would like to update the employment history, you can claim the profile by registering for a free ZoomInfo account. To start this process, click on your name in the ZoomInfo search results to view your profile, and then click 'Is this you? Claim your profile.' underneath either your picture or the ZoomInfo logo to start the registration process.

If your name does not appear in our search results and you would like to make your employment history available to hiring managers, recruiters, and other professionals who use ZoomInfo's services to identify people with specific qualifications and qualities, you can register for a free ZoomInfo account and post your profile.

You can register for a ZoomInfo account by clicking here.

Add Your Employment History
Once you have registered and verified your account via email, you can sign in and customize your professional profile. Click Profile in the Account box to get started. And please keep in mind that the changes you submit take about 48 hours to be available in the search results on our public site. If your ZoomInfo profile was already available on ZoomInfo, you will see the titles, companies, and other information that we automatically associated with your name based on mentions found on public web documents. You can delete or edit any irrelevant employment information and add any positions, companies, or schools that we missed.

Click the Edit button to the right of your name to add your contact information to your profile. While ZoomInfo does not display your phone number or email address to the general public, subscribers to ZoomInfo's products will have access to this information.

Under each heading on the Profile page, you will see an Add button for each section that allows you to submit new information for your professional profile. If you claimed an existing profile, you may see incomplete records in these sections that can be updated by clicking Edit to the right of each record. Please remember that anything you submit in these sections will be visible (and often searchable) on our public site. If clicking Add or Edit has no effect, you may have a pop-up blocker installed on your web browser. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard as you click Add or Edit to disable the pop-up blocker. Please let us know the chronology of your employment history by entering a Start Date and End Date for each position. These dates will not be displayed on our public website. If you are still working in a position, select No End Date in the End Date field; otherwise, your current title will be shown as a "past" position. By default, the position listed first on your profile will be the current position you have held the longest. If you would like a different position to be listed first on your profile, click the Edit button next to that position and click the checkbox that reads List this job first in my profile.

Your ZoomInfo account gives you the ability to include a few sentences in the Biography section to describe your professional history. This allows you to bolster your ZoomInfo profile for the people who are searching for you on the web. We recommend writing your bio in the third-person (e.g. "John Smith currently serves as the General Manager of Acme Corp.") and including any professional information that you think friends, colleagues, or potential employers may find interesting. Paid subscribers to ZoomInfo's premium products can search for keywords in the Biography section, so this is a great place to make note of your special skills and talents.

When ZoomInfo can find a picture associated with your employment history on public web documents, it will often be displayed on your profile. If you would like to add a photo to your profile or change the existing photo, click Add or Edit under the photo icon and browse to an image file on your computer. (The file you upload must be in the JPG or GIF format and should not be over 1 MB in size.) The photo will be resized to a width of 90 pixels upon upload. We recommend a head-and-shoulders picture of yourself in professional attire. Don't forget, your picture will be visible for all ZoomInfo site users.

If one of the online sources on your profile is fraudulent or does not refer to you please click Remove to the right of it. At the present time, your ZoomInfo account does not give you the ability to add new weblinks . A ZoomInfo profile serves as an objective review of web sources that mention a person's name across many different business-related websites. If you would like to submit a business website for inclusion in our search index, send the URL via email to for consideration.

Please note: ZoomInfo has no control over the search results on other search engines like Google and Yahoo, and when a profile is updated on our site you will not see real-time results on external search engines. Many major search engines do index our content from time to time, and when their software learns that a page has been updated or removed they will be likely to update the listings in their search results. However, ZoomInfo does not have control over speeding up that process.

Consolidate Profiles
If your name is available on one or more profiles in the ZoomInfo search results you will need to claim and register one profile following the steps above, then return to your Profile and click the Claim button at the top left of your Profile page. At the present time, you cannot claim a profile that contains a different last name, such as a maiden or married name or a stage name. If you are mentioned in the ZoomInfo search under more than one name, you may wish to create additional profiles for those names and mention the multiple names in the Biography section. Keep in mind that each profile must be created and verified with a unique email address.

Once you have claimed a ZoomInfo profile, you will not be able to change the last name on your ZoomInfo account. This measure is in place to prevent people from claiming profiles for names apart from their own.

Nonstandard Names
If you have two words in your first name or last name (i.e. Mary Elizabeth Black or Emily McGill Worthington) or use a first initial along with a middle name and last name (i.e. J. Robert Smith), you need to take special care when entering your name into your ZoomInfo account. By default, the middle word in a three-word search phrase will be ignored by the ZoomInfo search. This means that a search for Mary Jane Black or J. Robert Smith will return all matches for Mary Black or J. Smith, respectively. As a result, it is important for people with three-word names to take advantage of the Middle Name field to ensure that their names are found in the ZoomInfo search. If you have a two-word first name, the second word of your first name should be entered in the Middle Name field rather than submitting both words in the First Name field. Similarly, the first word of a two-word last name should be entered into the Middle Name field. The three words will be displayed in the proper sequence on your ZoomInfo profile without any notation of its presence in our system as a middle name. Click Edit Contact Info at the top of your professional profile to make these changes. If you use a first initial and middle name professionally, but most people know you by your middle name, you may wish to enter your first initial in the Prefix field to ensure that a search for your middle and last name will display your profile. Hyphenated names do not require any special attention. We consider a hyphenated first name (i.e. Jean-Paul) or last name (i.e. Cohen-Franklin) to be a single search term, so these can be entered in the First Name or Last Name fields without making use of the Middle Name field.

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