You can search by industry 2 ways:
  • Use the Industry keyword field and enter keywords or SIC codes there.
  • Open the Company Advanced Criteria Window and use the Industry categories.

Industry Keywords or SIC codes using the Industry Keywords/SIC Codes field

Enter the keywords of the industry you'd like to search target.  Try to use words or phrases that describe the products and services offered by the company.

While ZoomInfo will include similar industries by default, it is to your benefit to include a variety of terms separated by OR to broaden your search (e.g. oncology OR cancer OR tumor). Read the Using Search Operators section to learn more about building successful search strings on ZoomInfo.

You can also search with SIC codes by entering the 4 digit code into the Industry Keywords/SIC Codes field.  For example, if you were looking for companies that do food distribution you could enter 5141 in the field.  If you want to search multiple SIC Codes at a time separate each code by the word OR (ex. 5141 or 5142 or 5141 or 5144 or 5145 or 5146 or 5147 or 5148 or 5149).

TIP: If you find that you are getting unexpected results, try using quotation marks around keywords to treat them as an exact phrase. For example, "online services” may give you better results than online services.

Industry checkboxes using the Company Advanced Criteria Window

Open the window and then check the industries you desire from our comprehensive list. When you make a selection, ZoomInfo will find companies that match your selection through a comprehensive system of keywords and context.

TIP: Click the arrow to the left of each category for even more specific industries.

TIP: Check multiple industries to broaden your search results.

TIP: Click the blue arrow directly under the scroll bar to expand the viewable area.

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