You can search for People with specific job titles 2 ways:

  • Use the Job Title field and enter keywords.
  • Open the People Advanced Criteria Window and use the Title, level and other checkboxes.

Title Keywords using the Job Title field

If you're searching for People by title, using general (rather than very specific) keywords will return the broadest set of results. For example, if you're looking for a vice president of corporate finance you may want to start this search by entering the keyword finance in the Job Title field and then selecting VP-Level under the Person Advanced Criteria window.

TIP: ZoomInfo doesn't anchor search terms. For example, if you are looking for people with auditing experience, use the search operator OR to enter audit or auditor or auditing.

TIP: Less is more: a title like account manager or account executive can be more easily searched by simply entering the term account.

TIP: Enter multiple variations of the same position (e.g. supply chain OR logistics), as companies don't always use the same title for a given position.

TRICK: Use the Title in combination with the Company Name or Industry so you can find individuals whose background makes them a good target.

TRICK: If you are seeing unexpected search results, you can build a NOT phrase in the Job Search field to filter the undesired words and phrases from the titles you are seeing on the search results. For example, if you are seeing film directors in a search for Director-level positions at an entertainment company, you could type the phrase director NOT film NOT movie NOT television NOT TV in the Job Title field. 

Title Categories

Click the Person Advanced Criteria window to pick the role you desire from our comprehensive list of corporate roles. When you make a selection, ZoomInfo will search for words and phrases connected to that role in our database.

TIP: Click the arrow to the left of each category for even more specific roles.

TIP: Check multiple titles to broaden your search results.

TIP: Click the blue arrow directly under the scroll bar to expand the viewable area.

TIP:  Use the Job Title keyword field in conjunction with the Title Categories for an even more specific search.  Examples:

  • Advertising Consultants: Advertising in the search field plus Consultants from the Title Categories
  • Aerospace Engineer: Aerospace in the search field plus Engineering from the Title Categories
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