Based on your desired outcome, enter keywords and phrases in the Job Title, Company Name, Industry Keywords and Address fields.  Use the People, Company or Location Advanced Criteria to further refine your search. Here are some examples of common searches and commonly used search field combinations:

  • To find people in a specific role at a specific company
    • Use Job Title and Company Name (Marketing and Xerox)
  • To find people with a specific role in a specific industry
    • Use Job Title and Industry (Marketing and Pharmaceuticals)
  • To find people in a specific role in a specific location
    • Use Job Title and Location (Software Engineering and Massachusetts)
  • To find people who work at companies in a specific industry who work in a specific location
    • Use Industry and Location (Healthcare and Connecticut)

TIP: In many cases it can be a good strategy to use the Title all by itself, especially when you are searching with title keywords that are unique to a specific industry. For example, a search for portfolio manager will come back with relevant results even if you do not specify finance as the industry.

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